Meet the Team

Winston Matthews


Our wine list promotes female winemakers. What is your favourite wine by a female wine maker on our list?

Sijnn Low Profile by Charla Haasbrook

If you could move to one wine region in SA which region would it be?

The Golden Triangle (between Helderberg, Stellenbosch and Summerset)

If you become a wine maker what would you like to specialize in?

Bordeaux Style blends.

If you got to spend a year in a vineyard abroad, where would you go?

Anywhere on the left bank in Bordeaux

How did you become a Som?

Despite successful studies in music that I did in 2005 preparing myself to be a youth pastor specialising in praise and worship. But in the early 2009 I decided to leave and abandon my childhood dream of becoming a pastor to pursue with a new passion for wine. I began to study wine later that year and here I am, the rest is history.