Meet the Team

Shannon Haller

Restaurant Manager

You started off as a fashion designer, how did you end up at 9th Ave?

I loved designing and still do, but I have always been a bit of a foodie. My appreciation for creativity blended into both those spaces. I went to 9th Avenue often as a customer and adored dining there, so I was thrilled to get a job as a waitress years later. As I moved up into a managerial role within the restaurant, I realised it was just a perfect fit. I loved being around people all day and I got to explore my passion for food and wine in this amazing and unpredictable space. I’ve been lucky to have two loves in my life: fashion and hospitality, but in the end working for 9th has been a dream come true.

What is your favourite part of working in hospitality?

Hospitality us such a multifaceted industry that makes it hard to pinpoint a single aspect I enjoy. Could it be the drive for excellence that so many of my team have... from the chefs who delicately arrange a plate to be a pleasure not only to taste but to behold, or the front of house staff who make a guests night special with great service and attention. It could also be the fast paced nature of the restaurant, never a slow day for us. But ultimately, I think the one aspect I enjoy most is the unpredictable nature, having to think on your feet and find the best solutions to a customers needs.

What do you do to relax?

Because my days are so hectic, good company and wine are always needed. I dine out with my friends and we share a good bottle or two. Red. Always red. Besides that, I take my dog Appa for long walks on the promenade. When I have some real time on my hands, I love designing and making garments for people as well, it’s a much-needed creative release.

If you could move the restaurant anywhere where would you move it to?

I think our restaurant would thrive in a place like the Midlands. We already have a 9th Avenue Waterside, why not a 9th avenue Countryside? With a cosy ambience and picturesque setting that really highlights the fresh produce and game meats that we serve at 9th