Meet the Team

Wesley Aucamp

Executive Chef

You’ve been overseas for the last few years. Tell us about your experience...

It was an incredible experience. I feel travel is one of the ways to experience culture and cuisine. As a chef it broadened my techniques, palate and showed what one could achieve from hard work. Getting the opportunity to work with one of my mentors, Master Chef of France Michel Personnaz, working with and tasting amazing produce fresh from local farms as well as ingredients from around the world that one would seldomly get todo in South Africa . It helped me grow tremendously as a chef, I gained a new found respect for produce and where it comes from.

Why did you end up living in Durban?

Living abroad for almost 6 years, I always found myself close to the ocean. So when I came back to South Africa my partner and I both found great opportunities in KZN and I could not give up the chance of living close to the ocean once again.

Out of all the restaurants you’ve eaten at what was your top experience and why?

My top dining experience has to be Commanders Palace in New Orleans .It is an iconic restaurant that highlights haute creole cooking and Louisiana charm.The service was impeccable ,with 3 servers whom are all qualified level 1 or 2sommeliers to every table. The dining experience takes you back to an old southern dining room ,where by every element contributes to the meal.Every meal is exceptionally balanced and unique, from the turtle soup to the shrimp and grits .The quail was out of this world cooked to perfection and the bread pudding soufflé is definitely one of my top 10 desserts 

Where would you recommend a foodie goes on holiday?

During my time abroad, I worked in Nantucket Massachusetts. The food scene is phenomenal, and I recommended to any foodie traveling to the united states. Restaurants in Nantucket have a unique approached to New England and new American cuisine .Their approach to local farms and produce is exceptional. Any dish from a fine dining establishment to a sandwich should is made with the outmost respect to produce and an all-round love for hospitality.What is your favourite childhood food memory?

My favourite childhood food Memory is cooking Sunday lunches with my late grandmother. Starting early in the morning making pastry and bread from scratched to roasting legs of lamb and making pan jus. The techniques and love you gave me for food with forever be a part of me and I will always cherish the passion she gave me for cooking.